Email Marketing in Alwar


Email Marketing is one of the best digital marketing platforms due to its cost-effectiveness, easy to communicate, measurability. Email Marketing is designed to create to you to become an expert in creating powerful and effective email compaigns and also would provide how to analyse and measure the results for any compaigns. you can take online course summer training in alwar and easily learn Online Email Marketing.

 Email Marketing Training’s Scope

  • 1. How to handle the deliver ability issues in an impeccable manner?

  • 2. How to set up lead process that generates 22% more profit in comparison to other channels?

  • 3. How to source emails through Search Engines and LinkedIn?

  • 4. Understanding of various tools and resources that helps to implement and experiment.

  • 5. How to persuade your buyer through a simple email?

 Program Content

  • ✔. Ensure deliverability of your emails

  • ✔. Creating effective Email Content

  • ✔. Using Email campaign to improve business

  • ✔. Types of mailers

  • ✔. Getting creative in Email Communication

  • ✔. Analysis and Measurement of email campaign

Project & Assignments (only available in CEMM):

In this Email Marketing certification course, there will be a project of 1 month & few take home assignments to give hands-on experience of Email Marketing.

Research Based Internship (only available in CEMM):

We believe that the real learning does not happen in the training sessions. We have designed research based internship in which you will do research on one topic every week. For every good research submission, you will do blog post on Digital Training institute in alwar website with your credentials.