Wordpress Training in Alwar


For Creating a website or even for making it more interesting, one of the base is Wordpress. It is an open source and allowed free to use software system that is used for content management and optimization. It is very simple to learn. Wordpress is additionally used to manage just through its own compact control panel. It allows one to post content as well as visitors to remark on them. For More Benifits in Summer training or industrial training you can easily learn to create a website with the help of wordpress training in alwar.


  • ✔ WordPress Overview, installation + Configuration

  • ✔ WordPress Administration

  • ✔ WordPress Theme Development

  • ✔ WordPress Plugin Development Hooks, Filters, Action, Plugin development etc.

  • ✔ WordPress Plugin Development WordPress core functions, how to use, customize etc.

  • ✔ Real Life Project